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When you think you’re getting this and…



We found the perfect Halloween costume for my sweet dog Daisy.  Yes, her name is Daisy so for Halloween we ordered her a daisy costume.  Adorable, right?  The dog online certainly looked adorable in the costume but my Daisy, not so much.

The costume was very poorly made and it didn’t look at all like the pictures.  Long story short, online internet pictures don’t always tell the entire story. (Shocking right!)

The same holds true when planning your dream vacation.  Who doesn’t like to look at beautiful pictures of beaches and resorts?  Keep in mind that not everything you see online is a reality.

Often times hotel shots are staged by professional photographers.  The angles and lighting make the rooms, pools, and fitness areas look much larger than they actually are.  Also, the photos are most likely taken when no one is around so everything looks bigger as there aren’t any people to take up space.

One reason resorts host FAMS (familiar trips) for travel agents is so that agents can experience the rooms, food, beach, spa, fitness area, and excursions (basically everything at the resort).  We also take lots and lots of pictures.  Admittedly, my pictures are taken with my iPhone 6s and I’m by no means an experienced photographer, but they are real with no lighting or special angles used.  I haven’t been to every resort in Mexico and the Caribbean (I can only wish) but I have many colleagues that I can reach out to and ask for their opinions about their experiences.  I recently saw on Facebook that a colleague was on a FAM at a resort where I have a destination wedding booked.  I messaged him and he was able to send pictures of the exact beach location that the ceremony will take place.  The bride was thrilled to see the pictures.  It was a good day for all!

Remember- if a deal seems too good to be true then it probably is.  Contact me for the real story and to recommend gorgeous quality resorts to make your dream vacation become a reality.

Life is a journey and you hold the map.

Kelly Maher

Travel Specialist

Your Journey Awaits Travel

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